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Historical. Matches 2 items
Historical Books 1.Matthew--Presents Jesus as the Messiah. Genealogy of Jesus through Joseph. Fulfillment of O.T. prophecy. 2.Mark--Presents Jesus as the Servant. 1/3 of the gospel deals with the last week of His life. 3.Luke--Presents Jesus as the Son of Man to seek and save the lost. Genealogy of Jesus through Mary. Largest of the gospels. 4.John--Presents Jesus as God in flesh, the Christ, so that you might believe. 5.Acts--Historical account from Jesus ascension to travels of Paul in his missionary journeys. Pauline Epistles 1.Romans--A systematic examination of justification, sanctification, and glorification. Examines Gods plan for the Jews and the Gentiles. 2.1 Corinthians--This letter deals with factions and corrections Matches 1 item
Historical buildings--Kentucky--Louisville. Matches 1 item
Historical chronology.
SEE: Chronology, Historical Matches 3 items
Historical criticism.
SEE: Historiography Matches 1 item
Historical drama. Matches 11 items
Historical drama, American. Matches 1 item
Historical drama, English -- History and criticism. Matches 1 item
Historical Events, 18th Century -- Boston.
Historical Events, 19th Century -- France.
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